How to Adapt Your Existing Structure

Structure need not be an impediment to the change of usage, recycling or reconfiguration of an existing building.

Decisions at the feasibility stage of a project to adapt or upgrade an asset often require detailed consideration of issues such as;

  • Construction of extra levels (or a complete tower) over an existing building
  • Increase of the live load capacity of floors, columns and footings
  • Incorporation of mezzanines and extra floor area
  • Removal of columns and walls to create larger spaces
  • Incorporation of penetrations for connecting stairs, new vertical transport or for upgrade of services
  • Upgrade of or assessment of structure for compliance with current standards for earthquake actions
  • Restoration and preservation of building fabric heritage elements
  • Refurbishment and restyling of facades

MPN has extensive experience in the methodologies, techniques and design procedures which effectively and economically assess existing asset options through

  • Structural condition reports backed up with non destructive testing and material sampling
  • Techniques to remove columns and lower footings
  • Methods to upgrade columns, footings, slabs and beams
  • Use of a cost effective design methodology to ensure earthquake compliance of structures with minimal use of bracing and shear walls. MPN’s approach is at the cutting edge of current practice and understood to be unique among Australian consulting engineers
  • Economic detailing of penetrations for new vertical elements

MPN’s experience of a wide range of projects and pro active approach to problem solving and generation of building solutions give our clients the best information with which to evaluate the possibilities of their existing assets.

Author: Simon Pikusa – Director